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Shots & Shooters

Drink Date Added Rating
After Eight2002-07-11
Alabama Slammer Shooter2002-07-11
Banana Split Shooter2002-07-24
Beam Me Up Scottie2002-07-11
Blood of Satan2002-07-11
Brain Freeze2002-07-24
Cerebral Hemorage2002-07-11
Dead green frog2002-07-11
Extended Jail Sentence2002-07-11
Flaming Dr. Pepper2002-07-11
Four Fine Friends2002-07-11
Getaway Car2002-07-11
High Class2002-07-11
Indiana Jones2002-07-11
Jack the Ripper2002-07-11
Kryptonite Shot2002-07-11
Leather & Lace2002-07-11
Opera House Special2002-07-11
Pablo's shot2002-07-11
Prairie Fire2002-07-11
Quick Fox2002-07-11
Rattlesnake Shooter2002-07-11
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Friends of Joes

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